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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

execution to prevent bloodshed in 1813. WTF?

I came upon this snippet in the Hereford Journal, 20th October, 1813

It reads,
"The punishment of seconds in duels, by death, where every effort has not been made to reconcile the parties, consistent with honour, will prove a very probable method of stopping the effusion of human blood unnecessarily."

I had to share this.  What idiot thought that executing the seconds would bring about a reduction in bloodshed?


  1. The same way executions of criminals is supposed to deter others from committing murder. Supposedly, if the seconds knew they would be executed, there would be fewer prepared to take part in duels. No proper duel could take place without seconds, so when no one stepped forward to be a second, duels would cease.

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    1. thanks. I will get back to more regular posts