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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

About my writing

I have set up a new blogspot where my draft work can be viewed and read, and I will post as I write.  I will preview covers there as well. 
I will delete all but the first chapter of each work when I am ready to publish.


  1. Sarah, this isn't exactly about your new site, but I was wondering if you have a list of your books by subject in chronological order. I'm especially interested in the "Jane" books. I just finished "Jane and the sins of society" and really loved it. Somehow I missed when it first came out and am concerned I might have missed others. I thought I had all of them and would not like to think I might not have read one or more.
    I also love the Charity School books, and the the Brandon Scandals series. I have never cared for the Medieval period so I haven't tried the Felicia and Robin books.
    Is there a place where you have your books listed in order? Do you send out notices when you have a new book published? I would love to sign up for such a list.
    Thanks in advance,
    Pat Hathaway,

  2. they should be listed in order on Goodreads, but I find the site challenging. However, here they are in order:
    Jane books
    1 death of a fop
    2 Jane and the bow street runner[3 novellas]
    3 Jane and the opera dancer
    4 Jane and the Christmas Masquerades [2 novellas]
    5 Jane and the Hidden Hoard
    6 Jane and the Burning Question
    7 Jane and the sins of Society

    Charity School
    1 Elinor's Endowment
    2 Ophelia's Opportunity
    3 Abigail's Adventure
    4 Marianne's Misanthrope
    5 Emma's Education/Grace's Gift
    6 Anne's Achievement
    coming soon:
    7 Daisy's Destiny
    8 Libby's Luck
    and spinoff Fantasia on a House Party

    Brandon scandals
    1/ the Hasty Proposal
    2/ the reprobate's redemption
    3/ the advertised bride
    4/ the wandering widow
    5/ the Braithewaite letters
    6/ the Heiress in Hiding

    I usually send notice on my facebook author page, personal page and twitter the moment books go live, but I will do so on the new blog as well. And I might as well put up a post on the blog listing them all. I'll go and do so now

  3. Sarah? Do you have more Dragonriders of Pern fanfic somewhere other than I adore your stories and just finished those on Left me wondering where those characters stories went. lol! You're the one who got me hooked! This was the second time I read them!