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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Emma's Education with Grace's Gift is live

‘Emma’s Education’ and ‘Grace’s Gift’ are two romantic interlinked stories in the Charity School series. Spoilt Emma Spink is sent away to school in the hopes she will learn to behave.  But the school is harsher than her father intended, and she begs Marianne, now Mrs. Tempest, to put in a word for her at the Swanley Court school as a paying pupil. Her schooling is not without adventure, especially after she befriends Emmie Kovacs. For Emmie has a wicked uncle and a rather handsome older half-brother.

When young Cecil Hasely falls through the door of his father’s London house with a baby in his arms, a wet nurse is needed quickly. Grace Burrel, a war widow, agrees to tend the child following the stillbirth of her son. She swiftly becomes one of the family, helping to nurse the now chronically sick Cecil, and acting as hostess to Chris’s intended bride.  The growing happiness of a damaged family is threatened by ill-intentioned people. Meanwhile, Chris has been dancing attendance on his intended in Bath, where some lively young boys cause disruption on a royal scale.

Kindle available HerePaperback should be out momentarily

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