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Friday, 19 August 2016

Great new Regency - The Fencing Master's Daughter by Giselle Marks

I've had the privilege to watch Giselle grow as an author, and to have the editing of this, her first book, and enjoy the improvements that she has made to it since its first inception.  It's a fun read and my husband agrees, so it's one of those Regencies that a bloke can enjoy, even as many men enjoy reading Georgette Heyer. 

So what is it about? 

Edward, Earl of Chalcombe, has recently inherited his title, and is about to take up the reins of his duties, following the double blow of his brother's death and a wound he took, fighting Bonaparte. 
He does not expect to be set on by footpads who seem to be more interested in causing him harm than in merely robbing him.  His life is saved by the cheerful and ugly Henri, and by Madelaine, who is an expert swordswoman.  They see Edward home, call Bow Street and then leave hurriedly.    Edward is left facing two mysteries; why did someone want to kill him, and who is the beautiful Madelaine, whose acquaintance he wishes to pursue further.
As he finds out more about Madelaine, he is frustrated in his desire to marry her by her steadfast refusal, which confuses him more than a little as he is certain that she is attracted to him.
More attempts on Edward's life occur, and clues are uncovered a few at a time, leading to the time when Madelaine tells all to Edward, and they discover how intimately their lives are linked through  an inimical foe.
Just as Edward believes that things might be going right, a cruel twist of fate separates him from Madelaine, and he must search desperately to find her again.
Although Gelert, the devoted mongrel wolf-hound  is hurt in defence of his beloved mistress, he survives, I hasten to add. 

This is a rip-roaring yarn in the best tradition of Heyer, with adventure and romance, and a good spicing of humour.  I thoroughly recommend it.
Out in paperback and available within the next day on Kindle HERE


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  2. I want to thank Sarah for everything she has done for me to get the Fencing Master's Daughter out. Including the beautiful cover, the templating, proofing and editing - but not without mentioning the bullying until I got it right. She can really crack that whip.


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