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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hello History lovers, my first book is looking like a reality

This technophobe thought she had done well to get a blog going and then the blog host changed so radically I can't find anything any more so post by post I'm going to move things over here.  I don't know how well it's going to work so bear with me.

My first book 'Poison for a Poison Tongue' is undergoing editing before being published, I don't have a date yet.
It's a Renaissance Murder Mystery features the introduction of protagonists Roberto Robertini, aka Master Robin aka 'that artist fellow' , Renaissance artist; and his apprentice Felicia.  
This started off with me having a few preconceived ideas about how I intended to tackle it, and the concept of a very East Anglian looking Felicia with red hair and freckles.  And it was to be written in the third person.

It did not go well.

Then I had the dream in which Felicia - who was definitely coloured - lectured me, and insisted on writing it in the first person.  It flowed along quite nicely then.  She's didactic and bossy and bullied me into writing a further 20 books which got easier to write so I didn't mind too much. If this means I'm insane to be dictated to by my main character, well I've been enjoying the ride so far and I hope anyone who reads them will too.

Felicia and Robin have a close relationship that is going to develop over the next few books and Felicia's mysterious past will be explained when she meets her family in Suffolk.

Yes that's right, Suffolk.
the next books will be:
The Mary Rose Mystery: in which Thomas Wolsey [not yet a cardinal] trades upon knowing his old schoolfellow [Robin] to solve the mystery of a dead spy and why he was found in a barrel purporting to contain pickled herrings.

Died True Blue: in which Felicia and Robin travel to Lavenham, Suffolk to paint a betrothal picture for the son of travelling companions Mary and Roger Pettiman; and find that there has been dirty work afoot in a dye house.

I also write FanFiction including FanFiction for Jane Austen so watch this space for information about upcoming publishing on dead tree and squished squid format.  All published fiction will be revised and may be expanded over the original fanfic writing.

First out will be 'Death of a Fop' in which Jane Fairfax Churchill [from Emma] finds herself investigating the murder of her own husband Frank alongside a Bow Street Runner.  This will form the first of a series.

I do write more than murder mysteries; there will be romances and tales of the sea as I also have a great interest in Napoleonic era Naval matters.

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