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Monday, 28 March 2016

Regency Names [male] used by officers at the peninsula, outside of the top 50 names

These names come from Challis’ roll of those officers found at the Peninsula, and I have organised them by those found most often.  I have not counted those already on the table of the top 50 names I posted HERE
 I have not counted Irish, Scots or Welsh names which I shall address separately  Here in order of frequency:


Frederick, Augustus

Valentine, Lewis


 Humphrey, Felix

 Edwin, Theodore

 Ebenezer, Caesar, Cuthbert, Jeremiah, Bartholomew, Alfred, Marcus, Mat[t]jias, Pierce

Theobald, Orlando, Maurice, Clement, St. John, Cornelius, Basil,Wyndham, Peregrine, Abel, Oliver, Bernard, Lovell

Christian, Ro[w]land, Gerald, Adolohus, Gilbert, Godfrey, Marlborough, Giles, Leonard, Julius, Ernest, Albert, Cosmo, Horace, Horatio, Hercules, Guy, Archibald, Cassius, Galbraith, Ambrose, Loftus, Lucius

And a selection of the rest:
Lionel, Gustavus, Dudley, Jervis, Paul, Nigel, Gregory, Warren, Miles, Willoughby, Dennis, Lemuel.


  1. Interesting collection of names. Some are unexpected like Ebeneezer.

  2. Strictly speaking, like Candace [which is a title], Ebenezer never was a name at all, it's a stone. But presumably Dickens had to get it from somewhere [and promptly killed any popularity it had!]