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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Smugglers, spies and pirate treasure..

Well, it's out.  And I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed the writing of it.  You can find it Here in the US or Here in UK

I'd like to thank Helen and Gina for doing a readthrough for content and anachronism and Anne Seebaldt for a thorough job of proofing and editing, and the girls at DWG for reading and commenting. 

I have two reviews so far:

5***** from Giselle
“Rookwood” is a Regency Romance masterpiece by Sarah Waldock. Her detailed knowledge of the period peppers the book but she applies her knowledge with a deftly gentle touch. You are so at home in the Regency tableaux painted by Sarah Waldock that you feel her hero Kit Rookwood and Nell Bletchley, the heroine are already friends and you cannot but wish them well in their lives together. It is Regency Romance at its best, Sarah’s love of the English Language revels in this poignant love story. A believable and joyful rendering, this is truly a work the author should be commended for. Well written, fast moving, with just enough mystery to keep you hooked.

4**** from Nicki
This story is written in Sarah Waldock's characteristic style - intellectual free-thinking heros and heroines, exceptional Regency details and entertaining dialogue - but with added excitement! She has added in smugglers, pirate treasure and intrigue in with the balls and etiquette that surrounds our perception of the Regency period.

Cons - The sentences tend to be long and occasionally cumbersome, particularly in dialogue. In addition, the differences between the clever and not-so-clever characters are too defined -
some of the supposedly clever things are a little too obvious, and the stupid people seem more than ordinarily thick-headed to make up for it.

Overall, the story is excellent and well told, and a very entertaining read. Definitely recommend.


  1. Congratulations!
    The plot is really intriguing. I love your artwork on the cover.

  2. Looking forward to reading Elinor's Endowment

  3. Thanks Anna! I had great fun with both the plot and the cover.

    Helen, I'm getting there...

  4. Hi
    This doesn't really belong here, but is Dragonchoice available in kindle format?

  5. Ok, I do discuss my fanfiction on Facebook: [where you'll find some Dragonrider pics too] but it's not eligible for kindle as AMC hasn't been dead 70 years... PM me in FF