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Sunday, 29 December 2013

New Regency Romance on its way!

So I've been dithering with 'None so Blind' because something wasn't right, and I really knew all along what it was; it was the cover.  It was insipid.  Also Guy was too small. 
Here's the original:
Here's the new version:
So, first I took some windows by Ackermann:
Made a chequerboard and filled the squares with marble that I had saved as patterns:
.... and then used the computer's ability to make perspective to work magic on it:
Or as the meerkats might say, simples.

So, what's the book about?

Lovely but blind Penelope Eltringham’s surprise meeting with the shocking Lord Shawthorpe leads to a misunderstanding that angers both of them.
Despite this poor beginning, Penelope finds herself inexplicably drawn to him.
Under the aegis of her grandmother, heiress Penelope finds her blindness no drawback during her season in London, thanks in great part to the help of the dashing, if maybe dangerous, Lord Shawthorpe.  Guy, Lord Shawthorpe,  must overcome Penelope’s grandmother’s suspicions of his intentions if he hopes to win the hand of the girl who has so surprisingly captivated his heart.

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