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Saturday, 12 October 2013

I REALLY don't know what I did without a graphics tablet.

So I'm working towards the next Felicia book, The Hazard Chase and I knew what I wanted on the cover; the Notre Dame, Raoul, Comte de Beauville sur Rhone aka The Wolf: une jolie page; and our hero and heroine of course.
Well I expect I could actually have drawn it quicker than the time it took me to put together the elements, in fact I know I could have done, but using some original woodcuts doesn't half give an air of authenticity.  And it was fun, and I learned a few more things I could do with my machine. And with the graphics tablet, essentially I could also do my own drawing into it.

Two shots of Paris, and though the second is a perfectly good picture of Paris it doesn't show me the Notre Dame lowering over the place [I have a picture somewhere from outside the walls. It's in a book.  Can I find the wretched thing?  no.  So I had to make do with sticking two pictures together...]

Next, Gozzoli's Journey of the Magi.  The fancy bloke on the white horse was a starting point for Wolf, and the pretty page for... the pretty page.  So A bit of jiggery pokery and a lot of line drawing on my part to bring the costumes forward to 1511, and to tinker the faces to my satisfaction and in they went, facing each other.

  And then... well I could have redrawn Robin and Felicia but by this time I was feeling lazy...
I particularly liked Felicia's face in this one... so I just cut them out and stuck them on.


  1. Hi Sarah,

    My, you have a fascinating blog here. I would like to send you an email, if I may, regarding one of your articles about the Mary Rose and Renaissance Ships. May I contact you? You can write to me at or reply here and I will check back.

    Thank you,

    Terri Johnson
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  2. Thanks Terri! I've sent you an email