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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Next Felicia book is out!

Robin and Felicia go to Lavenham, in Suffolk, to paint a betrothal picture of the son of clothier Roger Pettiman.  They little expect to be involved in the investigation of the disappearance of the bride's parents! They also little expect to discover 'goings ons' as it would be described in Suffolk that would, according to Felicia's assessment, not be out of place in the sophisticated and vice-ridden Venice. 

I've decided to stick with the wood-cut look for the cover, this one I haven't emphasised the foreground figures with heavy pen.  The dyer in the background is taken from a late 15th century woodcut. 

I've tried, as always, to be as accurate as possible in what I include about the dye and fabric trade, this book is dedicated to my mother who first nurtured my interests both in fabric and history and indeed their combination, having studied the wool trade as part of her Tailoring examinations.  As a small child I went with her around many Suffolk villages noting 'Wool churches' and helping rub brasses commemorating clothiers and wool merchants, so this has grown partly out of some of my earliest memories. 


  1. Nice meeting you, Sarah.

    I wasn't sure if this post was meant for the book fair, but it's nonetheless interesting and has led me to your wonderful array off books.

    As a reader it's great to get away from the royal courtly goings on and to step into the world of merchants and trades people. No doubt your background assisted tremendously in penning Died True Blood, and that kind of knowledge always shines through.


  2. Hello Francine!

    I'd made this post before I was invited to the Book Fair, so no, it wasn't aimed at it, but I have to say, I am hoping that the Fair will help me along!

    I will be visiting some courtly doings with my hero and heroine, but more from the point of view that attracting the interest of princes is rather a two-edged sword [there's so much in the way of politics going on in the period that can have mysteries attached it seemed a shame not to get my protagonists involved.... rather unwillingly!].

    I think this is one of my favourite of the books I have written about Robin and Felicia, I was laid up ill for a very long time, and there are 21 books [some as braided novels of short stories] penned and awaiting editing, and in one case transcription from longhand.... this one is the first of three Lavenham novels, before a mad dash to France in book 6......

    Here's to a successful Book Fair!


  3. I've worked with dyes as a weaver and historian demonstarting 19th century folkways (USA). Since sounds interesting for a character's background.

  4. Fun job to have! I've done some dyeing myself, as I am a craftsman with textiles, and have failed abjectly to grow woad [sandy soil, too acid], which is a lot easier and less smelly to deal with nowadays - I am not sure when oxidising agents were introduced that precluded the long and smelly process I describe, if you know, I'd be grateful if you'd tell me!