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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Kindle overtakes this neo-luddite...

Well it took me a long time to accept the idea of digital cameras [and now I have an SLR which can do anything a real camera can do except the specialist function of a shifting front camera] and it's taken me a while to accept Kindle too.

Well I got there.  Death of a Fop is not only on Kindle, but from 1st July to 5th July 2012 it will be free!  And guess what, Amazon's special widget to allow me to post links isn't working... so I've put it in manually: DOF Kindle

I will be adding William Price of the 'Thrush' and Poison for a Poison Tongue to Kindle, hopefully over the next few days if I can get up the courage to jump through the various necessary hoops....


  1. Quick question - your links go to - will it also be available on

  2. Liz, it SHOULD be available on already and all European sources already - I can only put up one link on the pic, sorry! we have a widget at the top of our account to search on for the same title [well we did, they've been changing the look of things a bit though...]
    Here's the link to the books, for Kindle it shouldn't make any difference though I don't see the kindle version there...